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Tomáš Rutrle for web ČT24 about vehicles without a driver

3. 1. 2019

Vehicles without a driver – on several roads you can meet them even today.


The path to Industry 4.0 is not through massive projects

3. 1. 2019

It used to be simple for IT guys, they sat at a computer, wrote codes, and invented what more they could program for the client. 

How we sold and bought our own company back for a fraction of the price

3. 1. 2019

Martin Sláma for Forbes: “After the years, it seems to me a little like” Once upon a time… “.  


At first, there was not enough of it and now we have too much. Yes, the data surrounds us. And the one who can use it and get the necessary information for the business strategy has a great competitive advantage. The rest of us should at least learn to organize it. 

14. 1. 2019

Matfyz entered into a partnership with KOMIX company in the middle of January. This way, it
deepens the already existing cooperation in software engineering education and in the area of
applied research. 

8. 1. 2019

Komix life