Have your data available at any time.


Regardless of what databases or database platforms you use, our solution of data processing and retrieval always saves your time.


Our database experts take part in proposing of the solution so that the outcome guarantees the most effective, fastest and most reliable response possible. It usually consists of all of the following steps: data migration, transfer of initial data from applications used in the past, migration implemented as part of data model changes, applications synchronization, database structure proposal and validation.

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    Time savings

    Our work is primarily about how to save time when processing and loading data.

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    Expert advice on data migration

    Our clients use various types of databases ranging from traditional transactional databases, such as Informix, DB2, MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase to other specialized NoSQL databases.

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    Database structure management

    We implement changes in database structure if the need for generating of various test outputs, statistics and data correction arises.

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    Parameter settings

    We set up particular types of databases even at the hardware level by adjusting parameters for the requested configuration, be it autonomous database storage devices, or cloud solutions.


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