We are keen on agile management


Agile management enables us to work in close contact with our customers, deliver the product in subsequent steps and respond swiftly to the newly arising conditions. And, because agile management is our everyday passion, our agile community brings you this brief five-part series featuring scrum ceremonies.

Daily Scrum

It is a regular daily meeting of the development team. It is scheduled for the same time every day and shall not exceed 15 minutes in duration. Such a meeting aims to synchronize activites and set a plan for the next 24 hours to facilitate a smooth development process. Some of our teams meet in person, others meet online through MS Teams.


Each team organizes its own retrospective after every particular sprint. The retrospective is limited to 60 minutes. During each of the retrospectives we try to figure out at least one action point that shall bring about improvement in the team’s operation efficacy.

We put great emphasis on retrospective as an integral part of our work in Komix.


Refinement is the care of product backlog and its precision. It entails adding details and workload estimates to the backlog and organization of its particular items. This procedure is performed throughout the whole period of project development.

In Komix, the product owner cooperates with the development team on details of the particular items in product backlog.


The purpose of planning is to agree upon the amount and type of work that should be completed in the next sprint. The planning process in a one-month sprint is time-limited not to exceed 8 hours.

In Komix, we use story points for planning and focus on achieving the goals set for the sprint.


Sprint review is a regular meeting of the development team with selected stake-holders that takes place at the end of each sprint. The sprint evaluation assesses the product growth and leads to customization of product backlog if needed. All participants cooperate on the decision how to proceed further towards value optimization in line with the new findings and potential changes to product backlog.