A new chapter of KOMIX: announcement of a plan to create two companies


KOMIX, part of the ICT holding Aricoma Group founded by investment group KKCG, has announced a split into two separate companies. KOMIX is dedicated to the development of custom software for a wide range of clients ranging from government offices in the Czech Republic to large international corporations such as ŠKODA AUTO, Nestlé and Reist Telecom.

“After 30 years of successfully developing software for different types of customers, we have reached a point where it makes more business sense to split the company and focus on the specific needs of different types of clients. I wish my colleagues in KOMIX Digital every success in their new respective endeavour.”, said Tomas Rutrle.

At the turn of 2023, KOMIX will form two separate companies focusing on the expanding sectors of government and commercial sphere.


KOMIX s.r.o. will continue its activities under the leadership of Managing Director Tomáš Rutrle starting from January 1st 2023. KOMIX will continue to concentrate mostly on public customers and will provide a more integrated services and support, together with other public-focused implementation teams from Aricoma Group. Autocont, AEC and CESEA from the Aricoma Group are among the key partners for KOMIX.


KOMIX Digital s. r. o. will officially launch its activities on January 1st 2023 under the leadership of the new Managing Director Robert Nagrant. KOMIX Digital, together with other companies from Aricoma Group, will focus on further business growth of large enterprise customers in the European area. The closely aligned companies include Clearcode, Cleverlance, Musala Soft, Seavus and Stratiteq.

“Celebrating 30 years of KOMIX is a wonderful opportunity to take on the world in our own way. I am honored to take over the leadership of KOMIX Digital, which will be focused on commercial customers. The goal is to be at least as good partners for our customers as we have been so far and to bring new ideas, that will strengthen and grow our partnership. A key challenge is to focus on customers in Europe, where we already operate and plan to attain further expansion,“ said Robert Nagrant.

The current change aims to target both areas more directly, leveraging the market strength and synergies within Aricoma Group. As independently run companies, the businesses will be better positioned to deliver long-term growth and create value for customers, employees and investors.


The company was established in 1992 and since its inception; it has been offering software services to clients in the public and private spheres. This primarily concerns solutions for eGovernment and eHealth, where it helps the Czech state administration accelerate development so that these solutions are as user-friendly as possible for citizens. KOMIX is also a major supplier for car makers, namely Škoda Auto. In this segment, KOMIX is basing its steps on the current situation where the car industry is going through a fundamental transformation and mutually reinforcing trends, which include autonomous driving, shared mobility, online connectivity and electrification. Software solutions have thus become the main source of the customer’s perception of the car’s value, innovation and appeal. KOMIX also offers products focused on digital transformation, such as automated decision-making, business intelligence or robotic process automation. The company manages the comprehensive development of all layers in sophisticated information systems – frontend, backend, database, mobile applications, integration buses. The most common technologies it uses for development are JAVA and Microsoft.NET. In February 2021, KOMIX opened a branch in Switzerland, where it acquired a new client, Nestlé, one of the largest food concerns in the world.


ARICOMA Group is a leading Central European IT Services provider with a significant Scandinavian presence providing services to 1000+ clients in 15 markets from its 8 Europe-based delivery centres. ARICOMA’s focus is to help both private- and public-sector clients navigate the ever-changing demands, risks, and business opportunities. Through its portfolio companies, it provides end-to-end digital transformation solutions, including UX design and consulting, custom software development, IT infrastructure and IT operations management, cloud operations, and cloud security services. Notable members of ARICOMA Group include Sweden- and CEE-based custom software developer Seavus, Sweden-based software developer Stratiteq, Czechia- and Slovakia-based system integrator AUTOCONT, custom software developers Cleverlance Enterprise Solutions and KOMIX, cybersecurity services specialist AEC, and government digital transformation specialist CESEA.


The KKCG Group founded by Karel Komárek, one of the most successful Czech entrepreneurs, is an international investment company with a total value of more than €9bn. KKCG develops its business activities in thirty-three countries around the world and its key fields include the entertainment industry, the energy industry, IT technologies, and real estate. It holds shares in many leading companies, including Allwyn (lotteries and gaming), ARICOMA Group (IT), MND Group (energy), KKCG Real Estate Group, and Springtide Ventures (venture capital fund with investments in European and Israeli IT start-ups).