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Our mission is to make people’s lives easier, make their work more efficient and provide businesses with a long-term competitive advantage through ICT technologies. We have been successfully applying modern information technologies to key state institutions and important companies since 1992.



Allocate financial and human resources efficiently thanks to smart data handling. Reduce wasting.

Data Analytics

Work with fast and accurate information. With Business Intelligence you will be a step ahead of your competition.


Simplify processes with functional and integrated systems. Make life of citizens and office workers easier.


Engage new technologies and increase production efficiency. Make the most of your production potential.

Artificial Intelligence

Detect suspicious transactions or frauds through Artificial Intelligence. Automate decision making.

Internet of Things

Start the further development of your business with business solutions based on the Internet of Things.


  active projects
bln CZK of healthcare reimbursement in 2017 - controlled by our systems
mln pcs of biometric passports issued by the CDBD system
bln CZK of paid health insurance benefits through our application

What's new

At first, there was not enough of it and now we have too much. Yes, the data surrounds us. And the one who can use it and get the necessary information for the business strategy has a great competitive advantage. The rest of us should at least learn to organize it. 

14. 1. 2019

Matfyz entered into a partnership with KOMIX company in the middle of January. This way, it
deepens the already existing cooperation in software engineering education and in the area of
applied research. 

8. 1. 2019

What our customers say

Jiří Švadlena


Jaroslav Krňák


KOMIX company is our long-term supplier of IT solutions. Within the PHARE project, there has been developed the ERIAN system for the needs of Customer Administration. Since its implementation, it has been working fast, reliably and it’s flexible to new requirements. In addition, some processes and settings in specific areas (fraud detection in customs declarations) have been clarified and simplified. We appreciate this solution thanks to which it’s possible to unify the risky resources, increase security and control that is fully in the hands of the analytical field.

Our company was facing the choice of some suitable reporting tool. The requirements for such a tool were supposed to take into account the needs of end users. And therefore the demands were mainly focused on the possible variability of graphical outputs and user-friendly control. QuikView emerged to be the most optimal choice as a result of the analyzes of the available tools on the market and with regard to the portfolio of these tools used in the company.

Jan Forejt

Customs Administration of the Czech Republic

PR department